Reports on Tounery

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Reports on Tounery

Post  Sakura on Sun Jun 09, 2013 11:00 pm


ATTACK - The Fart of War
Sagittarius vs. TFoW-A

ATTACK - Spago
Zev+John Carter vs. 01 Westeros(115|171)‎ (capital),222900896fa
* killed 12k sword sitting at cap
Mars vs. 02 Winterfell(111|179)
Call vs. 03 Kings Landing(110|180)
Gorkhali vs. 05 Harrenhal
I-noob vs. 06 Riverrun(114|176)
madman vs. 07 Astapor(89|164)
Bacchus vs. 08 Iron Island

ATTACK - Wallopers
Gravitation vs. -W02-(92|-6)‎ (capital)
Passin_Thru vs. W01(90|-4)
Semper vs. W03
WhiteOS vs. W06(90|-3)
Bacchus vs. 08 Iron Island(93|164)
Bad News vs. W10(89|-1)
TBN vs. W11

tri-blade+Frozone+vuatrochoi vs. El Diablo(103|60)‎ (capital),222763283e9,2228951124a
Disruption vs. 2^(99|60)
The Dude vs. 1^BanJ(43|62) *sniped waves but cleard
bluez vs. 00Aggression(108|66)
Wenjing vs. billkill ;P(103|61)
Drunken Master vs. Acension(103|72) *sniped waves
Croc vs. 0Provocation

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Post  Sakura on Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:46 am

ATTACK - Mackini
Cia+tri-blade+Gravitation vs. Springfield(6|108)‎ (capital),2232793234f,2232619144d
Le-Eyo vs. Homer
madman vs. Brockway(7|109)
Bad News vs. Shelbyville(4|109)
TheCell vs. Bart
TEAM EXTREME+Neo vs. Marge,22327957742

ATTACK - Strategic
bluez vs.  ❾ Ꮙ

ATTACK - StrawHat

Wenjing vs. Monkey D. Luffy(222|341)‎ (capital)
bluez vs.  Gold D. Roger(217|346)
whiteos vs. Going Merry(93|47)
Passin_Thru vs. Usopp(224|341)‎
Disruption vs. Nami(225|350)
Semper vs. Portgas D. Ace(222|342)
Warriors vs. Roronoa Zoro(224|344)
Bacchus vs. Portgas D. Ace

ATTACK - benzil2010
Frozone+Mars vs. Fajar Paper(-25|150)‎ (capital),22327672741

ATTACK - Obelix
Zev+The Dude vs. Abandoned fatty 1(224|117)‎ (capital),2232788663a
bikeric vs. Abandoned fatty 2(222|116)
Gorkhali vs. Abandoned fatty 7

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Re: Reports on Tounery

Post  bluez on Sat Jun 15, 2013 5:10 pm


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Post  Sakura on Sat Jun 22, 2013 4:28 pm

ATTACK- Combat
TEAM EXTREME vs. Veselyi Slivandos

ATTACK- kurkul
tri-blade vs. v.Kurkul 959(9|59)
Zev vs. z.Kurkul 1143(11|43)
Bacchus vs. 1.Lafa 4433*(44|33)
Gorkhali vs. i.Kurkul 6819*(68|19)
Passin_Thru vs. k.Kurkul 6518(65|18 )
Le-Eyo vs. e.Kurkul 6516*(65|16)
Bad News vs. f.Kurkul 6716(67|16)

ATTACK- Elvispresley
Call vs. 01
Bacchus vs. 05
Gravitation vs. 06
Warriors vs. 08
TBN vs. 09
Le-Eyo vs. 12
Bad News vs. 15
rnak vs. 16

ATTACK- Alkiona
hrbsmkr vs. 004 Dobriy utes

Frozone vs. 006 Fioletovoe leto
Bad News vs. 008 Hlebniy mart
Zev vs. 009 Izumrudniy agat
tri-blade vs. 017 Smeliy zvon

Gorkhali vs. 07
Passin_Thru vs. 09
WhiteOS vs. 12
tri-blade vs. 14
Frozone vs. 15

ATTACK- snake432
Gravitation vs. [04] Zeon
TBN vs. [09] Phil
TBN vs. [10] Dora
rnak vs. [11] Sting

ATTACK- Shrike
Disruption vs. 02s

Disruption vs. 23

ATTACK- mosquito
Call vs. 06

ATTACK-  Aspirins
thecell vs. 7
Gravitation vs. 9

ATTACK- -Mystique-
Frozone vs. 001

ATTACK- Gravicapa
rnak vs. 01

ATTACK - jumper74
thecell vs. village village 5

ATTACK - elf1

bluez vs. ஜ.01..ஜ (Capital)
bluez ve. ஜ.02..ஜ
bluez ve. ஜ.03..ஜ
bluez vs. ஜ.04..ஜ

ATTACK - serb
WhiteOS vs. serb`s village_07


Frozone vs. 02

TEAM EXTREME vs. 5. q[x_x]p

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Post  Sakura on Fri Jun 28, 2013 11:27 pm

ATTACK - MrLewap
Zev+Gravitation+Cia vs. 01(hammer village),2251040ba16,2251509d88d

Pol joined Godz chat room as one of traitor's dual 4 weeks ago.
after attacks land, he told like that and we removed him from chat room.
So, MrLewap had cheat our chat room and fooled godz players Twisted Evil 
Nice try. I reported that to MH anout MrLewap's cheating.

ATTACK - trololo-lolo
Disruption+Wenjing+Gorkhali  vs. 03] E=mc^2(Capital),22523655daa,22523745fcc

ATTACK - caxap
Bad News+Semper vs. PECKA(Capital),2252443fa82

ATTACK - topop
bikeric+whiteos+TBN vs. 00(Capital),2252480bab4,2251862f0c1

pokerstars  vs. Sweet dreams(Capital)

ATTACK -  juras
ILoveYou+Neo+Passin_Thru vs. 1.Dorotpolje(Capital),2252531d7ec,22514984625

ATTACK - Deviant
bluez+TheCell vs.  01(Capital),2252557252e

ATTACK - trata
Croc+tri-blade vs.  *(Capital),22525628cc5

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Re: Reports on Tounery

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